Moving Day

Published on September 23, 2013 by in Blog


Moving can be a big headache for everyone!


While pets do adapt well to a new home, the process can be very stressful from start to finish.  Boxes all over the place, cleaning products being used more intensely, clothes, furniture, and knickknacks being donated or discarded.  Dogs and cats investigate new items in their environment and any change can be very stressful.  Imagine having to check out the dozens of packed boxes.

Moving day can be especially traumatic on pets.  Even though it seems obvious, it is always best to isolate pets in a room by themselves.  Perhaps a back bathroom that won’t be used.  One of my clients found that her husband had let their indoor cat out of the bedroom and the front door was wide open.  The poor cat got so stressed with the noise and foot traffic that she climbed up inside the dresser from the back and was almost transported that way.

If traveling by plane, there may be special carriers to buy ahead of time, and some exotic pets may not be allowed on the plane.  Your veterinarian can tell you when to feed and water the pets before your flight.  It is also important to book a straight-through flight where possible so there will be no additional stress with switching planes.

Moving by car is undoubtedly less stressful with you being right there; however, remember the noise, vibration, sights, etc. put their senses on overload.  If possible, take your pet on a car ride around the block prior to move day.  Then, make one or two more longer trips with them to get them accustomed to the car. 

I always take bottles of water with me for people and pets on move day so there is no adjustment to different water.  Keep the temperature in the car at a range that is comfortable for you and provides air flow for them.  Set the window lock button so your uncrated dog doesn’t accidentally open the window.  I’ve heard of it happening!

When you arrive at the new place, it’s best to open the cage for your pets and let them come out when they are ready.  As we all know, the move is not over yet.  Now comes the unpacking. Ugh!

With a little planning ahead, you can reduce the stress of a move, and the whole family will love their new home.

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